SkyEye Ranger Y6

Multipurpose UAV solution

In combination with Drone-Dynamics-selection RC package, SkyEye Ranger Y6 is forming an advanced long-range UAV system which is well suited for multiple aerial missions. Ranging from GIS and surveillance to agriculture and aerial photography, SkyEye Ranger Y6 is superior in long flying time and long range operation capabilities over its competitors.

Long flying time

  • 50-minute cruising time with FPV.
  • 33-minute hovering time under strong winds with 1 kg payload!

Carbon fiber frame

  • Robust and lightweight frame design.
  • 3.8kg with 16000mAH Li-Ion battery.

Redundancy and mobility

  • Safety is ensured by redundant thrust systems.
  • Special Y6 design for better mobility

Long range transmission

  • Max 10-kilometer data and image transmission system in open field.

Customized payload

  • Max 5-kilogram customized payload as needed.
  • Choose from FPV to gimbal+DSLR.

Ease of use control system

  • Ease of use control by mobile device or laptop.
  • Choose between Tower or MissionPlanner by customer's need.

GIS Enabled

By utilizing SkyEye Ranger Y6, high quality GIS images can be acquired easily for your interest.

Long flying time

We build the Ranger Y6 to execute long-range demanding aerial missions with best safety redundancy. In fact, out Ranger Y6 is capable of hovering more than 33 minutes under strong wind with 1 kg payload !