Sentinel X6-Plus II

Sentinel X6-Plus II

Drone Dynamic Sentinel X6-Plus II is the world’s leading fully autonomous middle-sized long-range UAV system that can be used to perform various aerial missions including data collecting, search and rescue, surveying and aerial mapping, inspection and reconnaissance. Sentinel X6-Plus II provides longer flight endurance, heavier mission payload, better wind-resistance as well as more convenient and versatile applications.

Smart Flight Control & Autonomous Pilot

Sentinel X6-Plus II has excellent safety design – low battery voltage alert and 1-click take-off and landing (return). Can be controlled by flight joystick and tablet, increasing usability and decreasing flight training costs.  

The flight control system supports multiple flight modes, (manual, auto/GPS fixed point altitude setting, auto route planning and auto-return) with clicks on tablet screen, Sentinel X6-Plus II will immediately fly to the target point. Supporting more than 600 waypoints editing, the flight control system allows Sentinel X6-Plus II to perform 360° monitoring, and the direction and distance can be changed manually while Sentinel X6-Plus II is circling around the target.  In case of data link loss, Sentinel X6-Plus II will automatically remain hovering or return to home when operated in manual flight mode.

Long Endurance

60min with Basic Control
>45min with 1.5kg payload

Weight Capacity

Up to 4.5kg Payload

Wind Resistant

13.8m/s (Beaufort Scale 6)

Long Distance

Up to 10 KM Operation Radius

Fully Autonumous Mission

Up to 600 Waypoints


Wildlife Monitoring

Search and Rescue

Flood Investigation

Border Protection

Precision Agriculture

Solar Panels Inspection

Bridges and Pipeline Inspection

Power Line Inspection

First Responding



6-axis 6-blades (option: electronic tripod)


990 +/- 10mm


18” high efficiency noise reducing carbon fiber blades

GPS System

GPS + GLONASS (or Bei-Dou) dual system

Dry Weight

2600g +/- 100g (fixed tripod, without battery)

Battery Spec.

24000mAH/22.2V (2400g +/-100g)

Suggested Take-off Weight

≦ 8KG (mission payload ≦ 3KG)

Max. Take-off Weight (MTOW)

9.5KG (mission payload ≦ 4.5KG)

Remote Control

1-30KM (based on selected remote control)

Data/image Transmission

1-30KM (based on selected remote control)

Max. Flight Endurance

~60min (please refer to *Test conditions below)


Suggested Climb/Descend Rate

1.5-2.5m/s (0.5-3m/s adjustable)

Suggested Cruising Speed

5-12m/s (1-16m/s adjustable)

Suggested Operating Environment

<8m/s (

Max. Wind Resistance

13.8m/s (Beaufort scale 6)

Max. Operating Speed

20 m/s (w/no payload)

Operating Temperature

-10~40°C (battery performance might be reduced in below 0°C and above 30°C environment)

Max. Operating Humidity


Operating Ceiling


  • No Payload (FPV): 55-60 minutes
  • Payload ≦ 500g: about 50-55 minutes (action camera+3-axis brushless gimbal)
  • 1kg Payload: 45-50 minutes
  • 2kg Payload: 35-40 minutes
  • 3kg Payload: 25-30 minutes

* Test conditions: flying at fixed altitude below 30m AMSL, temperature 10-30°C, windless environment, flying speed ≦ 30km/h, with basic remote control and data transmission equipment.