Sentinel X6 Pro

Sentinel X6 Pro

Drone Dynamic Sentinel X6 Pro is a battery-powered heavy-duty long-endurance hexacopter that can carry 6kg of payload and stay in the air for up to 30 minutes.  It can be used for all kinds of high payload missions including cargo delivering, search and rescue, or even loitering munitions.

Long Endurance

60min with 1kg payload

Weight Capacity

Up to 9kg Payload

Wind Resistant

15m/s (Beaufort Scale 7)

Long Distance

Up to 30 KM Operation Radius

Fully Autonumous Mission

Up to 1024 Waypoints


Wildlife Monitoring

Search and Rescue

Flood Investigation

Border Protection

Precision Agriculture

Solar Panels Inspection

Bridges and Pipeline Inspection

Power Line Inspection

First Responding


Smart Flight Control & Auto Pilot

Sentinel X6 Pro supports 1-click take-off and auto mission. Can be controlled by remote controller and/or ground station, increasing usability and decreasing flight training time and costs.  

The flight control system supports multiple flight modes – GPS (Loitering), Auto Mission, Guided (point-and-fly), Following, and Auto-return.  With clicks on tablet screen, Sentinel X6 Pro can immediately fly to or circling around points-of-interest.  In case of data link loss or low battery, Sentinel X6 Pro can automatically return to launch site or rally points without manual controls.  Failsafe (auto return) features can be disabled for sensitive/critical missions.

1200 +/- 10mm
22” noise reducing carbon fiber reinforced folding blades
GPS System
GPS / Galileo / GLONASS (optional anti-jamming system)
Dry Weight
4500g +/- 150g (fixed landing gear, without battery)
1000Wh Li-Ion battery (4400g +/-150g)
Max. Take-off Weight (MTOW)
18KG (mission payload ≦ 9KG)
Operating Range
1-30km (based on data link selected)
Operating Ceiling
4500m (high-pitch propellers might be required for altitude higher than 3500m depending on takeoff weight)
Max. Flight Endurance
~70min (refer to *Test conditions below)

Suggested Climb/Descend Rate

1.5-2.5m/s (0.5-3m/s adjustable)

Suggested Cruising Speed

5-12m/s (1-16m/s adjustable)

Max. Wind Gust Resistance

15m/s (Beaufort scale 7)

Max. Horizontal Speed

20 m/s (w/o payload)

Operating Temperature

-10~45°C (battery performance might be decreased when ambient temperature below 0°C or above 35°C)

Max. Operating Humidity


  • No Payload: ~70 minutes
  • 1kg Payload: ~60 minutes
  • 3kg Payload: ~50 minutes
  • 5kg Payload: ~35 minutes
  • 6kg Payload: ~30 minutes (suggested MTOW for battery longevity)
  • 9kg Payload: ~22 minutes (depending on ambient temperature, battery can be overheated)

* Test conditions: flying at fixed altitude between 10-30m ASL, temperature 10-25°C, windless environment, air speed ≦ 30km/h, with basic remote control and data transmission equipment.