Sentinel X4-Plus Recon

Sentinel X4-Plus Recon

Drone Dynamic is proud to introduce the Sentinel X4-Plus Recon. A compact-size long-endurance UAV system that specifically designed for reconnaissance and search-&-rescue missions.  With up to 50min endurance and 6km operating radius, the Sentinel X4-Plus Recon is field-proven champion in the same class.

Long Endurance

50 mins with Payload
>60 mins without Payload


Light Weight and Fast Deploy Design

Wind Resistant

12 m/s (Beaufort Scale 6)

Long Distance

Up to 10 KM Operation Radius

Fully Autonumous Mission

Up to 600 Waypoints



Search and Rescue

Flood Investigation

Border Protection

Crime Scene Monitoring

First Responding


  • Autonomous return to home on remote control failure
  • Autonomous return to home on GCS communication loss
  • Autonomous return to home or land (programmable) in case of low battery
  • Geo-fencing in both horizontal and vertical directions
  • Sentinel X4-Plus Recon UAV system x1
  • 10X Optical Zoom camera with 3-axis Gimbal x1
  • 4GHz ground control station with sunlight-readable (1000nits) 7” touch screen x1
  • Li-Ion battery cartridge x2
  • Rainproof backpack to accommodate all of the above items x1
  • 520W smart balance charger x1
  • 4G/LTE radio link (for both video and telemetry)
  • 10km ground controller station
  • 5X Optical Zoom + 320P Thermal dual cameras