Sentinel X4-Plus Recon

Sentinel X4-Plus Recon

Drone Dynamic is proud to introduce the Sentinel X4-Plus Recon. A compact-size long-endurance UAV system that specifically designed for reconnaissance and search-&-rescue missions.  With up to 50min endurance and 6km operating radius, the Sentinel X4-Plus Recon is field-proven champion in the same class.

Long Endurance

50 mins with Payload
>60 mins without Payload


Light Weight and Fast Deploy Design

Wind Resistant

12 m/s (Beaufort Scale 6)

Long Distance

Up to 10 KM Operation Radius

Fully Autonumous Mission

Up to 600 Waypoints



Search and Rescue

Flood Investigation

Border Protection

Crime Scene Monitoring

First Responding


Tool-Less Foldable Design

Modular Battery System

Dual GPS Blending Positioning

10X Optical Zoom Camera with 3-Axis Gimbal

Optional 4G LTE Radio Link

Sunlight-Readable 7” Touch Screen

  • Autonomous return to home on remote control failure
  • Autonomous return to home on GCS communication loss
  • Autonomous return to home or land (programmable) in case of low battery
  • Geo-fencing in both horizontal and vertical directions
  • Sentinel X4-Plus Recon UAV system x1
  • 10X Optical Zoom camera with 3-axis Gimbal x1
  • 4GHz ground control station with sunlight-readable (1000nits) 7” touch screen x1
  • Li-Ion battery cartridge x2
  • Rainproof backpack to accommodate all of the above items x1
  • 520W smart balance charger x1
  • 4G/LTE radio link (for both video and telemetry)
  • 10km ground controller station
  • 5X Optical Zoom + 320P Thermal dual cameras