Eliminator X6-16

Agriculture Reliever

When managing farms of big area, Eliminator X6-16 is your best choice to relieve from the heavy work. Eliminator X6-16 is capable of spraying the crop with its 16 L liquid payload.

16 L Liquid Load

  • 2.6 - 3.3 ha per hour working area.

Mission Point Resume

  • Auto-returning when out of liquid payload.
  • Return to last recorded mission point automatically.

Terrain Follow

  • Terrain following by radar sensor.

A-B point Mode

  • Convenient semi-automation mode without GCS control.

Foldable Frame Design

  • Easy transportation and deployment.

Long Endurance Time

  • 12 minutes or above flying time for crop spraying.

GCS for Mobile Device

Ease-of-use path planning tool at your disposal.