SkyEye Sentinel X4

The most affordable commercial quadcopter with longest fly time

SkeEye Sentinel X4 is extremely lightweight! In combination with battery technology that powers Tesla and UAV fine-tuning knowledge, we achieve more than one hour flying time which is an important parameter to customer's aerial missions. 


Ultra long fly time

  • 65-minute hovering time with retractable landing gear.

Lightweight CF frame design

  • 2.3kg with 13000mAH Li-Ion battery and retractable landing gear, no payload.


  • Amazing mobility by lightweight X4 frame design.

Customized payload

  • Max 2.5-kilogram customized payload as needed.
  • Choose from FPV to gimbal+NDVI camera.

Ease of transportation

  •  Foldable arms and tool-less detachable propellers.

Long range transmission

  • Max 10-kilometer data and image transmission system in open field.

Precision agriculture

Field images can be acquired easily for further analysis. 


65 minutes in the air

We achieve the best hovering time ever by SkyEye Sentinel X4.